About Me

Hello there!! Thank you, for visiting my simple blog. :))

First, let’s me introduce myself. My full name is Lukas William Andypratama, but i prefer just “Lukas William”. Because everyone been calling me like that. I’m a Indonesian, who was born on 6 May 1991. I have 2 sisters and i’m the youngest one in my family. I love my family for they love and care about me, and so grateful to be in that family. Thanks Jesus.

Why i decided to write a blog?? here is my reason.

Actually i’m not the type person who like to write, but in this blog i just want to learn to share something about my life, my passion, my dreams, my thoughts, and many things. In hope with what i share can be blessed and useful to the others, and it can be one step to achieve my passion and dreams someday.

Talk about passion and dreams, it’s been a years i have think about that topics. When i was young, i still don’t know about that topics and just be an indifferent person. So, when i graduated from my college, i became the clueless person in the world. But, i have thank you for my church, especially Jesus, which guided me to know what can i became, who can i became and know the potential i have in my life. Passion and dreams it’s so important because it will drive you and give the spirit in your life. So, my tips find one when you still young. :))

Here is what i want to share in my blog. (of course it’s about my passion and dreams)

First, it’s about food. I love to eat. :)) Back when i child my body was like a big giant snow ball. It’s just not because my growth period, but because i love to eat and will eat anything. But, i realized it’s not good to have obesity, so my weight is normal now. Actually, still struggling because if i eat too much, my body will come back to nightmares. BUT, i’m really love to eat, so you have to grateful if u eat much but still have normal weight. What i want to do is i can share to the world  all the authentic foods in my country. I want to introduced to the world there is many good foods if you come to Indonesia. Beside that, i want to try many authentic food in another country. Food can bring happiness to many people :))

Second, it’s about cook. Yes, i want to be a chef someday. It’s my wildest dream i think. When i graduated from my college i decided to work with my dad at home, as marketing. There was a time when my mom asked me to helped her to cook. So, i helped her, and i helped her again, and again, and again. But, i enjoyed the process of making food (cook). I really love it, sometimes i cook alone and eat myself (don’t forget i love to eat too). There is no thoughts in my mind i will become chef someday in that time. But, now i have decided to work down on that road to become chef. There is some passion i want to work on that road, and actually i didn’t like my current job. I have plan to enroll in some culinary school, wish me luck. In this blog i want to share some recipes i have made, i learned it from my mom and got it from internet. Even though i’m still amateur, i’m doing the best i can to make it.

Third, it’s about travel. What i mean about travel is, i like to visit many new places and get interact with some people in there. I really like to make some new friends and get connected. But, the most important is to try many different foods in every country. It all comes back to the food i think. The first time i decided to make this blog is this blog content will be all about food.

In the end, i just want to say thank you for your concern if you read my blog. I know i’m not a professional blogger, i still have much learn to do. Just give me some comment or critic so i will be a better one.

Thank you, enjoy this blog :))


Food, Love, People


-Bon Appétit –








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