Bubur Madura (Madura Porridge)

Hello everyone. nice to meet you again^^
Finally i can write my post again. I have many things to post after i was traveled to many city. Hope i can write it all of it as soon as possible. In this post, i want to show you what is “bubur madura”. Bubur Madura is traditional snack from my city. It’s called Bubur Madura because the one who sold it was madura people. There is many place to find this bubur madura, one is in Atum Market {Pasar Atum), but recently i found the right place to get this bubur madura, it’s in bawean street.


The one who sold it called Ibu Maisurah. She with her husband always there to served the customer. Her place open around 10.00 am until 3.00-4.00 pm, and it’s always sold out. The price of 1 portion snack is Rp 5.000,-. Yeah, it’s pretty cheap.


Bubur madura typically like traditional snacks, it served with palm sugar (gula aren) and wraped with banana leaf. There was many kind of snacks in bubur madura, like bubur putih, bubur sagu, ketan hitam, ketan putih, ijo-ijo, lupis, getuk, tiwul. You can mix all of it, like bubur putih with sagu, ketan hitam with ketan putih, or just want specific snack like ketan putih.

There is 3 type of snacks which i like from bubur madura, which are :
1. Bubur Putih with sagu

bubur putih with sagu

Usually many people buy mixed bubur madura, which it consist of bubur putih, ketan item, bubur coklat / bubur srintel, mutiara, and sagu. It serves with coconut milk and palm sugar. But, i prefer the simple one bubur putih with sagu. Bubur putih is made of rice flour, it has smooth texture. Combined with bubur sagu, which has fragrant scent from pandan leaves inside it. When you ate it, you can taste the saltiness you get from coconut milk, and the sweetness from the palm sugar.

2. Ijo-ijo


Ijo-ijo has been my favorite snack, when i was child. It was called ijo-ijo because it has green colour (ijo or hijau in Indonesia it means green). As far as i know the real name is jongkong, i don’t know why it’s called ijo-ijo, maybe it was easy to spell it. Usually ijo-ijo eat with grated coconut and palm sugar. Ijo-ijo has spesific character, it’s a little bit chewy and has smooth texture.

3. Ketan Bubuk

ketan bubuk

This is my third favorite snack, it’s called ketan bubuk. Ketan bubuk consists of ketan putih, grated coconut, and kedelai bubuk (soybean powder). When the other snacks have major sweetness taste, ketan bubuk has more savory taste. You can taste the savory from the ketan and the soybean powder, add with little bit saltiness from the grated coconut.

You can always try many other snacks, not just always the 3 above. It depends on the taste of each person, just try anything, and make it your favorite snacks.^^

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