Onion Tofu Recipe

Finally, i can write my post again. I know it’s been a while since my last post, cause my hectic day i don’t have a time to write it.

Okay, this is my fourth post, Onion Tofu Recipe.

tofu onion

I learn this recipe from my mom and it’s been my favorite food since then. It’s very simple recipe and everyone can make it. Here is how to make it.

Ingredients :
– 3 pcs Tofu
– 1 pcs Onion
– Margarine
– 1 pcs Maggie block
– Oil

How to cook it :
1. Prepare the tofu, and wash it. In this recipe i use the tofu from malang, called “tahu janti”. You can use any tofu, but i prefer this because it’s delicious and smooth, it doesn’t have sour taste.

tahu janti

2. After you wash it, slice the tofu into dice cube pieces.

dice tofu

3. Prepare the oil in the wok, and fry the tofu until half done, and put aside.

fried tofu

4. Meanwhile, slice the onion into thin slices, and prepared margarine and chicken maggie block to cook it. Yeah, in this recipe maggie play the most important role. You can use chicken or cow maggie. In this recipe i use chicken maggie.

onion, margarine, maggie

5. After this, put wok in the stove, and melt the margarine, use low heat.
6. Put some onion and cooked it until soft.
7. If the onion soft, put 1 pcs maggie block and crushed it.
8. And then put the tofu, and mix it well.
9. Season with some pepper, and you ready to serve it

tofu onion 2

* I don’t put any seasoning because maggie block have all seasoning and flavor, i just adjust it with some pepper because it lack of it.
* You can change the onion with garlic and shallot if you don’t have onion at home. It will taste different but not much. Since, onion is much crispy and sweet than garlic or shallot.

Food, Love, People

-Bon Appétit –


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