Putu Ngaglik

Putu is a traditional cakes which made from the bamboo tube and steamed for a while. Its made from coarse grains rice flour, in the inside there is a palm sugar. Usually you eat it with grated coconut. Most of this putu have white and green colors.
Bamboo Steamed
It is traditional cakes from very long time ago, and usually it’s rare to find it. In surabaya there is one place that has been a favorite place to get some putu. Its in Ngaglik Street, where you can get this authentic food.
Putu Ngaglik
The owner of this street food said they have sold this putu over 40 years. Its such amazing how this authentic food can be existed until now. They just don’t sell putu, but many other traditional cakes. But, the most special one of course is putu. In the evening usually there is a crowded people to get the putu, so you must be patience to get it.

Here it is what putu look a like

It’s consist with green and white color. Looks amazing right, from the bamboo tube like that become a delicious cake. To cook putu, it doesn’t need very long time. The bamboo tube will be fill with coarse grains rice flour until it half enough. After that put the palm sugar, and fill it again with coarse grains rice flour until the bamboo tube full enough. And then you put it on the top of steamer, just wait for 5 minutes and it’s done. Always eat putu while it’s warm, cause the palm sugar in the inside it’s still melt enough, and put some grated coconut while you eat it. You will get sweetness from palm sugar, and saltiness from the grated coconut. It’s perfect combination of taste.

So if you come to Indonesia, especially my city Surabaya. You must try this cakes, just contact me if you want to know the place more.

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-Bon Appétit –


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