Chicken Satay From Ponorogo

Here is my third post^^
I’m so happy i can write this post again. In the third post, I will write the food which i found when i was in Ponorogo City. In my current job, i always have schedule to go outside my city, and in this chance i want to share the authentic food in Ponorogo.
Satay 1

Chicken Satay (Sate Ayam) Ponorogo, it’s very famous in here. It’s always have been a must eat food when you come to Ponorogo. There is a place where you get this delicious satay in Ponorogo. This place is called “Sate Ayam Bpk. H. Tukri Sobikun”. It’s located in street of Lawu 1/ 43k. If you come here there is place called “Satay Village” (Kampung Sate), and you looking the place which have big parking, and you will found it.

If you eat in this place, you can see many pictures hanging in the wall. That pictures is the portrait of very famous person in Indonesia. It’s the proof that place is very recommended place in Ponorogo City to get the famous chicken satay. One famous example person is Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the ex-president of Republic Indonesia, now Mr. Joko Widodo of course. You can see the picture below. It’s not just Mr. President, but most famous person in Indonesia is come here too.

When i came there, I’m interested with an article in there. The article was put in one of famous newspaper in Indonesia. The article talked about this place, and became a recommended place when you came here. The headline of article is like this “Guarantee of fresh chickens every day” (Jamin Ayam Segar Tiap Hari). It’s such amazing, how Satay Mr. Tukri Sobikun exist till now (it’s been 35 years), and have many customers around Indonesia. Because, he always use fresh chicken every day, not a broilers one. In the article, the daughter of the Mr. Sobikun said ” we always buy live chickens from our supplier every day and cut itself.”

Back to the topic, let’s talk about satay. If you eat here, you must order at the cashier. One portion of satay, it will cost Rp 23.000, you will get 10 skewer of satay include with rice cake (lontong). If you don’t want lontong, you can change it with rice. One portion of the rice cost Rp 3000. Or you can eat both^^
One portion is very enough for me, because the meat in the skewers have large size and very thin. It’s not chewy, it is more like crisp because it’s very thin. Don’t forget to ask chili and fresh shallot if you eat in there. I always eat satay with fresh shallot, cause it will make the satay have spicy fresh taste from the shallot, and add some crispness. The special one in here is the peanut dressing, it’s very tasty and very mild, combine with sweet soy sauce.
satay 2

So if you come to Ponorogo City, don’t forget to try it. If you don’t know the place use your gps or ask with local people there, you will find it. Thanks for reading my post, i am very sorry for the low quality image, cause when i came there the electricity is off, so i couldn’t get some light of it. If i come here again, i promise i will get a best picture, and posting it again.^^

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Putu Ngaglik

Putu is a traditional cakes which made from the bamboo tube and steamed for a while. Its made from coarse grains rice flour, in the inside there is a palm sugar. Usually you eat it with grated coconut. Most of this putu have white and green colors.
Bamboo Steamed
It is traditional cakes from very long time ago, and usually it’s rare to find it. In surabaya there is one place that has been a favorite place to get some putu. Its in Ngaglik Street, where you can get this authentic food.
Putu Ngaglik
The owner of this street food said they have sold this putu over 40 years. Its such amazing how this authentic food can be existed until now. They just don’t sell putu, but many other traditional cakes. But, the most special one of course is putu. In the evening usually there is a crowded people to get the putu, so you must be patience to get it.

Here it is what putu look a like

It’s consist with green and white color. Looks amazing right, from the bamboo tube like that become a delicious cake. To cook putu, it doesn’t need very long time. The bamboo tube will be fill with coarse grains rice flour until it half enough. After that put the palm sugar, and fill it again with coarse grains rice flour until the bamboo tube full enough. And then you put it on the top of steamer, just wait for 5 minutes and it’s done. Always eat putu while it’s warm, cause the palm sugar in the inside it’s still melt enough, and put some grated coconut while you eat it. You will get sweetness from palm sugar, and saltiness from the grated coconut. It’s perfect combination of taste.

So if you come to Indonesia, especially my city Surabaya. You must try this cakes, just contact me if you want to know the place more.

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Bakmoy Recipe

Here is my first post^^

I want to share my mom’s bakmoy recipe. When i was child this is my favorite food and i always ask my mom to cook it. One is never enough. I’ve said my mom’s bakmoy is very special.

Bakmoy is like soup with sweet chicken, pork, and shrimp meats. The taste of the soup is salty and very rich taste. So, you have sweet from meat, and salty taste from the soup and usually you eat it with shrimp paste chili.

Ingredients :
2 pcs Whole chicken (I prefer the one which have chicken fat on it)
1 kg Pork (Use samcan, have both fat and meat in there)
½ kg Shrimp

Soup :
Chicken stock
Pork stock
Soy sauce

Topping :
Shrimp paste chili

How to cook it :
1. Prepare 2 pot to boil chicken and pork
2. Boil chicken and pork +/- 15-30 minutes depends on the meat
3. Meanwhile, make shrimp ball : in pestle put 3 pcs garlic and salt, and crushed until soft, add the shrimp and crushed until soft, put 2 eggs, and give 8 tbs tapioca starch, mix well and make a shape like ball, fry in the hot oil. After you fried it, slice shrimp ball to be tiny cube shape
4. Cut 3 cloves of garlic, and sliced it thin, fry in the hot oil
5. After the chicken and pork meat done boil, slice the meat tiny cube shape, put aside the bones chicken to make the soup
6. In the wok, heat oil (I use chicken or pork oil), put the chicken and pork meat and add some soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, salt and pepper. The quantity depends on the meat and just adjust the taste, the taste must be sweet but not too much. After done sprinkle the crushed fried garlic
meat wok
7. To make the soup, mix pork and chicken stock in the pot, add 2 glass of water. Put the chicken bones back into the pot. Bring it to boil +/- 30 minutes with low heat. After that add 3 tsp salt, 2 tsp pepper, and soy sauce. You can add sesame oil or fish sauce too.
8. Meanwhile, you can boiled some egg and chop celery
egg and celery
9. To make shrimp paste chili : boil 8 pcs chilies +/- 10-15 minutes. After that, chrush the chili in the mortar with salt, add shrimp paste in the end. Mix both until it become one
10. After you prepare all that, you can mix the meat, egg, celery, and chili with warm rice, and last pour the soup in it. Enjoy!!

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